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Mum, Im moving to New York

New York, where everything is possible, Manhattan, where fashion was born and music keeps inspiring the many souls of the buzzing city. It’s a place everyone should experience once in their life, even how cliché that might sound. From the plays at broadway, to the subculture in the boroughs, New York always had surprises lined up for me. It was in 2013 I moved to the city to study fashion at Parsons and Fashion institute of technology. I had previously studied creative direction at London college of fashion and i was ready to endeavor on a new adventure. I moved to Manhattan with my best friend Charlotte, and we shared a flat on the 47th floor in Silver Towers, Hell's kitchen.

I was curious, very curious, in fact, to dive into a new dimension of ideas. To go on treasure hunts with clues popping up on the runways and in lyrics. Like ancient codes, it all connected somehow and i was determined to succeed. I met people working in different industries, with different backgrounds, cultures and stories. Everyone has a story, this is mine. My best friend and i started up a fashion blog and were invited to exclusive events and fashion shows around the city. Brands like Chanel invited us to launch parties and gave us the opportunity to connect to the fashion world and experience the true Manhattan lifestyle. Fashion and arts have always been a huge passion of mine. In college, I studied fine arts and interior design next to actively working with music. From a young age i wanted to create my own brand and a line of clothing & accessories. I believe in educating yourself in whatever you wish to pursue in order to build a successful venture.

Pictures by Manhattangirl™

Xoxo VickySoul

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