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Thinking is a proper job

I think like a creative entrepreneur. Now what does that actually mean? Well there are many definitions to describe an entrepreneur, but a creative entrepreneur obviously creates ventures in the creative sector.

Two years ago I came up with the idea that I wanted to produce a vocal sample pack. I started to research the marked and contacting producers and companies to find out how this industry works. I knew that the right time for my idea would surface, and as a part of my main business and entrepreneurship course at my final year at university I decided it was time to pursue my idea. I was lucky to have the support of very intelligent and industry related tutors that pointed me in the right direction and I really put the work in myself. There were two aspects of this project. One part was actually writing the lyrics and vocal melodies, recording in the studio and figure out all the technical requirements. The other part was finding out where to sell the project and how to market.

Through research I gained knowledge in both areas and stared to produce the sample pack. I have been a loyal customer to Loopmasters which is one of the biggest companies in the U.K to sell samples. This company has the best library I have seen and they are a very stabile and innovative company constantly developing new content. Recently the have launched a feature called Loopcloud that revolutionizes they way you work with samples in your DAW like Logic X software.

I reached out to the company and sent them some of my music and after a few Skype meetings I was offered a contract with my very own vocal sample pack. It was an amazing feeling to accomplish a project that started by just a though two years ago.

Thinking is a proper job. I constantly have new ideas for ventures in the creative market. My humble opinion is that being an artist today means you have to think like a entrepreneur. Today's business culture is changing. The support for entrepreneurs and thinkers are very much encouraged by government founded organizations and higher education faculties. Young people are encouraged to explore opportunities starting up new ventures, and the pressure of being forced into a nine to four job is changing. Some of my ideas are in other areas than music, but still within the creative sector. I'm always interested in meeting new people and discussing new ideas. By collaborating with other creative thinkers great ideas get born and new companies form.

Thinking is a proper job!



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