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The 5D shift of human consciousness

We have been brought up to believe we are humans species in a 3D world, born with utilizing our 5 senses and growing up in the family and culture surrounding us. We are led to believe that what we cannot see does not exist. Our society have deep roots in different religions and traditions that shape our identity and belief systems. We are forced to start education as young children, an education controlled by the government based on a system built by old constitutions that do not serve the development of our conscious mind. As a human race we have become disconnected, led by negative entities, fed with belief systems that are destroying individuals every day. We are told to work hard, that nothing is for free, that some people are just not worthy of achieving their deepest desires based on ethnicity. There has been a huge awareness of mental health and the incredible impact it has on individuals that are experiencing this new accepted mental issues, however suicide rates are increasing by the hour. Why are we not solving the problems within before we make ourself sick?

What if I told you this does not have to be your reality?

What if I told you, you can have anything your heart desires?

The human race is slowly waking up, and realizing that there is a deeper truth to our existence and to our universe - an intelligent cosmos. There is a shift of our consciousness, and it is happening right now.

People all over the world are evolving and becoming more connected to the mind, body and spirit. We have a focus on mindfulness and are understanding that the pressure and stress in our daily life's (which we have created ourselves) are causing mental health issues as depression and anxiety. We are developing diseases that are treated by western medicine (chemicals) produced by multimillionaire pharmaceutical companies, thriving on our sick humanity.

What if I told you we can change this?

What If i told you, you have the power to heal and prevent your body from any disease?

This January my body said stop. Physically my body rejected food. I was sent on an emotional journey to seek the truth of my reality and to start living from within. You can call it soul searching. Doctors could not find out what was happening in my body and without any more research other than normal tests i was given strong medication for pain, which i rejected because i knew there was more to this.

I was meditating daily and asking for change. I am ready for change, I am ready for change. But with change comes challenge. Because if you are willing to really change, you have to deal with your ego. You have to let go of all that has felt safe, all that has been familiar. You have to be willing to take a leap of faith. I have for years and years studied alternative treatments as healing, meditation and connecting to the spirit world. At fist I felt completely overwhelmed by the vast community that are highly intellectual and are fueled on pure love and light. I have a certificate in Silva intuition training and have for years expanded my understanding of human consciousness, tapping into the beta, alpha and theta brainwaves states to manifest and work from within. I have already achieved some remarkable results by working with these methods but was still not in total control because I didn't see the big picture.


" Belief without proof "

You see we have trapped emotions from situations we have experienced in our life's. Whatever we have been through, we have suppressed and left to float around in our human body. This can be triggered by anything we associate to this situation, an emotion created by a familiar scent, a piece of music or something a person says to us etc. We might have been teased, mocked or treated unfairly even by friends and family. This creates certain negative though patterns on top of inheriting our parents belief-systems and if they are negatively charged, we also carry this and implement it in our life's. We then limit ourself and create negative thought patterns that feeds the ego with impulses that leads us to think we are not good enough, not strong enough, not smart enough. Then we start doubting ourselves and daily create patterns that in-fact releases chemicals in our brain like cortisol. Cortisol is a stress chemical that will shut down certain brain functions like problem-solving, empathy, compassion, forgiveness and activates out fight or flight response that sends signals of not being safe. However, if you are in a state of positive thinking you release dopamine, that encourages problem solving, compassion and empathy. Depression is a dopamine deficiency therefore, you can trigger chemicals with your thoughts - That is very powerful.

Now this is actual science, but where does the mind, body and soul connect?

You have probably heard of The law of attraction, and the power of your thoughts. These are universal laws that are working right here, right now if you believe them or not. If you tend to have a negative thought pattern and belief system you will attract more of what you are thinking and talking about. If you surround yourself with people that gossip, attract drama and always seem to have a negative experience with something: how can this have a positive impact on your life?

Often I face people that are in complete denial and label this are new age nonsense. They don't believe there is a spirit world, a universal energy, a higher self and purpose. That we are just placed on this earth in human body's to live and to die.

What if i told you we are all energy beings?

We all attract and react to different frequencies and energy fields

I can not tell you exactly what to do and what to seek, for we all have our individual journey. However, what I can and I will do is guide you in the right direction so that you too can be a part of the 5D shift of human consciousness. Together we can ignite a change, we can develop and understand. Together we can help each other release negative energy and replace it with pure love and light. Be curious, seek answers, watch and read material from masters of the past and present. Because I believe one small change can have an enormous impact on our magnificent world.

My intention is to utilize my skills and talents to inspire and create a deeper understanding. I hope that reading this has created new thought patterns that have given you the interest to dig deeper. Be curious, research and read articles, books, videos and attend talks, seminars and workshops.

When you are balanced, radiating positive energy around you - amazing things starts happening in your life.

Materials i suggest

Love and blessings always <3

XOXO Vickysoul

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