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Graduation; Education is key

I have dedicated the last three years of my life to education. Living in New York and working with big names in the music industry made me realize that a degree gives you the tools to be able to succeed and also survive. Let's face it, many of the biggest icons in the music industry today have got to the top without completing any degree and relied on true determination. However the people that educate and develop their entrepreneurial ideas are the ones that make the smart business decisions. If you have the right idea you can always work with people that have degrees, however having a degree yourself makes you a valuable asset. Drake went to Harvard. J Cole studied in NYC and admitted he did so to meet Jay Z. Talib Kweli went to New York university and Ludacris majored in music management. Beyonce announced the establishment of Formation Scholars Awards for the 2017/2018 academic year. The scholarships are to support young women who are prepared to go beyond the norm, by being bold, creative and confident in who they are.

June 2017 I graduated first class with honors in BA Popular music at University of South Wales in the United Kingdom. Working with diverse projects and people has developed my skill set and opened my mind for new ideas. In my degree I worked on music production, both for my own RnB/Soul productions and commercial work. I have developed stronger knowledge in songwriting and enhanced my ideas in creative projects. Before my degree in music i studied fashion in London and New York. This gives me the opportunity to use my skills in all areas to successfully work on diverse projects. This October i will be releasing my first Vocal sample pack. This is a project i have been working on in my business and entrepreneur major in my final year at USW. I had this idea when I first started my education in Oslo and at my final year at university in Cardiff I chose to work on this for one year and I managed to successfully sign a deal. I will write more about this project closer to launch date.

I have been accepted to MA songwriting and production at University of South Wale. Therefore, I will continue my journey in education and explore even more opportunities in the music industry. I have no doubt that this is a amazing opportunity for me as a singer/producer and songwriter, and I will continue to document my journey for you to follow.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, projects or ideas. I am always happy to get in touch with new people.

Thanks for reading!



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